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DJ Anthony Ortiz

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Explore deeper insights and gather additional information. Whether it’s about our services, events, or collaborations, we’re here to provide the details you seek.

Need Further Details?

Explore deeper insights and gather additional information. Whether it’s about our services, events, or collaborations, we’re here to provide the details you seek.
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DJ Anthony Ortiz

Meet the sonic virtuoso, Anthony your navigator through rhythmic realms and pulsating beats.

Anthony is a dj with over 15 yrs in the entertainment industry. Anthony’s djing career derived from his passion for Salsa and music overall. Anthony strives to provide our clients with the best attention detail that is 2nd to none. Anthony works closely to our clients to understand their needs and personalities. Anthony has provided dj services at some of the largest Latin events in Philadelphia including the Hispanic Festivals throughout the city of Philadelphia. Anthony, was Al’s o the first Latin dj to ever play at the Hispanic Festival at the Capital Building in Harrisburg PA. Along with the festivals, Anthony has provided sound and entertainment for 100 weddings, Sweet 16’s, Quinceanera’s, Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s, Corporate events, and many of the local dance clubs throughout the city of Philadelphia and New Jersey. Anthony has been the resident dj for Plaza Azteca for the last 14yrs where has grown the club to be the hottest club in the Norristown and Plymouth Meeting area. Anthony provides an energetic experience with his vast ability to read the crowd coupled with his musical knowledge allows for a great event. Anthony’s musical knowledge and experience stands over multiple genre’s of music.

At JPROD, we provide individually catered online access to our digital client portal where the client has immediate 24 hour access to their event planner.


Enter the cosmic realm of DJ DVO, where the rhythm of the night meets celestial melodies. Greetings! I am Devante Rodriguez, the esteemed DJ representing JPROD Events. Originating from the dynamic city of Philadelphia, my heritage combines Puerto Rican and Cambodian roots, and my passion resonates deeply with music. My journey as a DJ commenced at the youthful age of 13, influenced by my uncle, Jose Rodriguez, the visionary behind JPROD. Observing his mesmerizing performances at various events ignited a profound enthusiasm within me for this captivating realm. From elegant weddings to vibrant festivals, I have curated musical experiences for a diverse array of gatherings, infusing energy and positivity onto the dance floor. With a playlist as rich and varied as a lavish banquet, I am dedicated to ensuring an electrifying atmosphere at every event.
Whether you seek the nostalgia of R&B music, the energy of current chart-toppers, or the thrill of discovering hidden musical gems, I am your guide. Music is not just my craft; it is my devotion. I invest my heart and soul into every performance to craft an unforgettable moment for each individual in the audience. With me at the helm, the celebration endures, and the moments linger as cherished memories. Let us craft magic together at your Event!


Over the last 25 years, DJ Greg has laid a foundation in the Philadelphia Tri-State area providing the soundtrack for various occasions. Starting out as a producer and musician would later attribute to his success as a DJ doing internet radio, night clubs and private mobile events.

His work has provided him with a skill set that displays his versatility across many age groups and music genres. He has a keen understanding of reading the crowd as well as providing smooth transitions to keep the flow and energy of any event at a high level. 

Greg has over 5 decades of music from multiple genres such as Pop, R&B, Dance, Rock , Latin, Gospel, Hip-Hop and more! This extensive music library allows him to customize a musical timeline that fits the needs of your special day exceeding expectations in the process. Greg has years of experience in all types of events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, church events, class reunions & school functions.  

Greg approaches each event focused on the details that you provide to ensure that your event is a first-class affair and your vision is a success. You can be confident that his experience and skills will help you make memories that will last a lifetime!

Jose Rodriguez

 Jose Rodriguez, a music enthusiast and professional DJ who has a profound love for music. He has an extensive collection of music that dates back to the early 1940s, which he has compiled to enhance his DJ experience. Jose is passionate about the origin and history of music, and he believes in sharing his knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. He is a firm advocate for dance groups to learn about the rich history of the music they dance to, which he thinks is as important as the dance itself.

Jose has been featured in numerous high profile events worldwide, where he has played music from all cultures and genres. He is called upon by major Latino affiliates for events like Concilio’s annual Hispanic Fiesta, Puerto Rican Day Parade & Gala, and many others. He has performed with many of the big names in Salsa/Tropical music like El Gran Combo, La Sonora Ponceña, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Willie Rosario, among others.

Jose is a respected member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers and the internationally respected Record Pool, Latinos Unidos Record Pool. In addition to his music career, Jose’s hobby of photography has bloomed to a legitimate wedding photography business. He is always eager to learn and mentor many of his JPROD Team members in a path of reward and success.

Overall, the text reveals that Jose Rodriguez is a passionate and successful DJ with a deep love for music, history, and culture. His dedication to sharing his knowledge and expertise with others has earned him a place of respect in the industry and has made him a sought-after professional DJ for high-profile events worldwide.