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Jose Rodriguez

President/ Photographer

Anthony Ortiz

Vice-President of DJ/Event Operations



Alcides Franceschini


Jacob Rodriguez

360/Photo Booths Lead

Zayda Santiago

JPROD Sales Consultant/Admin Asst.

Mike Pittman


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Explore deeper insights and gather additional information. Whether it’s about our services, events, or collaborations, we’re here to provide the details you seek.
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Jose Rodriguez

The Photographer

Jose’s journey in photography began when he always had a camera in his youth.  Getting the love of photography from his mother Carmen who was barely ever spotted in pictures because she was always behind the lens. So fast forward while Jose was to DJ a wedding, a bride reached out to him to ask if he knew a photographer for her wedding because her photographer was a no-show. Jose took a deep breath and said, “ I will do it.” Jose got one of his DJs to cover the wedding and he dove right into the wedding photography pool.

That was several hundred weddings ago.  That day still stays close to him.  Event Photography can be physically challenging but the reward of capturing the story in frozen moments is the adrenaline that Jose lives for.  Clients do become family when you were the DJ for a couple’s wedding and now you are the photographer for that same couple’s daughter’s quinceanera or sweet 16. That is the blessing of loving what you do.

DJ Anthony Ortiz

Meet the sonic virtuoso, Anthony your navigator through rhythmic realms and pulsating beats.

Anthony is a dj with over 15 yrs in the entertainment industry. Anthony’s djing career derived from his passion for Salsa and music overall. Anthony strives to provide our clients with the best attention detail that is 2nd to none. Anthony works closely to our clients to understand their needs and personalities. Anthony has provided dj services at some of the largest Latin events in Philadelphia including the Hispanic Festivals throughout the city of Philadelphia. Anthony, was Al’s o the first Latin dj to ever play at the Hispanic Festival at the Capital Building in Harrisburg PA. Along with the festivals, Anthony has provided sound and entertainment for 100 weddings, Sweet 16’s, Quinceanera’s, Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s, Corporate events, and many of the local dance clubs throughout the city of Philadelphia and New Jersey. Anthony has been the resident dj for Plaza Azteca for the last 14yrs where has grown the club to be the hottest club in the Norristown and Plymouth Meeting area. Anthony provides an energetic experience with his vast ability to read the crowd coupled with his musical knowledge allows for a great event. Anthony’s musical knowledge and experience stands over multiple genre’s of music.

At JPROD, we provide individually catered online access to our digital client portal where the client has immediate 24 hour access to their event planner.

Alcides Franceschini

Alcides Franceschini is a 25-year-old born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. He studied his craft at Temple University, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film & Media Arts with a minor in General Business Studies. Alcides, also known as “Cee”, has a very serious passion about photography, documentary filmmaking, and travel. He wishes to put his own stamp on the industry with his unique spirit that translates wonderfully into his work. He firmly believes that he will soon move from Philadelphia and explore the possibilities that documentary filmmaking and photography have to offer. Rain, sleet, or snow, Cee always has a smile ready to go.

Zayda Santiago

Zayda Santiago is a highly accomplished professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Philadelphia University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2012. With an impressive 34-year tenure at PGW, Zayda has demonstrated exceptional dedication, expertise, and leadership in her role.

Beyond her professional achievements, Zayda finds immense joy in her personal life. She has been happily married to her loving husband, Rafael Santiago, for 37 years. Together, they have raised a beautiful biological daughter, as well as two remarkable stepsons who have become an integral part of their family. Zayda also cherishes her close relationship with her “Bonus Daughter, Carmen Santiago,” who holds a special place in her heart. Zayda additionally is a self-proclaimed Daddy’s Girl who is honored and grateful to be on his love and care team.

Zayda’s interests are diverse and reflect her passion for making a positive impact. She possesses an innate desire to help others and actively engages in various volunteering opportunities. Her commitment to community welfare has led her to assume the role of Co-CEO along with her husband at her nonprofit organization, Genessa J Santiago Foundation, where she utilizes her leadership skills to drive meaningful change in the educational advancement of our youth.

When Zayda is not working or making a difference through her nonprofit work, she finds joy and peace in her hobbies. Dancing is an act she deeply appreciates and enjoys, as it allows her to express herself creatively. Additionally, she desires to continuous learning and is always seeking new knowledge and skills to expand her horizons.

Zayda Santiago’s professional accomplishments, unwavering dedication to helping others, and passion for personal growth make her an inspiring figure in both her personal and professional realms. Her commitment to excellence and her genuine desire to make a difference sets her apart as an exceptional individual.

Mike Pittman

Michael Pittman is a bold photographer specializing in portraiture. His style mixes digital finesse with classical training to manipulate light. Michael studied advertising and commercial photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology, a premier institution in the industry. His love of color and symmetrical composition combine for striking, signature images. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and son.